what sleep aid can i take with lexapro

What Sleep Aid Can I Take with Lexapro?

Getting quality sleep is essential for mental health and well-being, and we’re all too familiar with what happens when we miss just one night of sleep. It can become difficult to concentrate, make decisions, remember important information, and be productive.

Sleep deprivation can lead to feelings of fatigue, irritability, depression, and anxiety, so needless to say, quality sleep can help improve your mood, energy levels, and overall health.

Lexapro is a prescription medication used to treat depression and anxiety and could help improve sleep by reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Sleep aids can be a great way to improve your sleep, but it is important to discuss them with your doctor beforehand. Your doctor can help you decide which sleep aid is best for you and whether or not it will interact with any other medications you may be taking. They may also be able to suggest lifestyle changes and other treatments that can help you get a better night's sleep.

Understanding the Interaction Between Lexapro and Sleep Aids

Lexapro is a prescription medication used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and works by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain while sleep aids are products that are used to help people fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

Common sleep aids come in the form of medications, herbal remedies, and natural supplements. Since Lexapro could prove helpful for individuals battling to sleep due to anxiety and depression, it is not classified as a sleep aid.

When Lexapro is taken, it increases the amount of serotonin in the brain by blocking the reabsorption or reuptake of serotonin. This leads to an increase in the availability of serotonin, which can cause a calming effect in the brain.

Lexapro can also increase the amount of norepinephrine, another neurotransmitter, thus increasing its availability in the brain. This can lead to a decrease in anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as a better night's sleep.

Consider Natural Sleep Aids with Lexapro

Natural sleep aids are a type of supplement or medication that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. These aids often contain natural ingredients like herbs, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals that are believed to help you relax and sleep better.

Natural sleep aids that can be taken with Lexapro include:


Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle. It is available in supplement form and is often used to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Melatonin should be taken 30 minutes before bedtime. The recommended dose is 3-5 milligrams, depending on the individual.

Valerian root

Valerian root is an herb that is available in supplement form and has been used for centuries to help people relax and sleep better. Valerian root should be taken in a dosage of 400-900 milligrams 30 minutes to two hours before bedtime.

Natural sleep aids are typically more affordable than prescription sleep medications, and they are often safer to use since they contain natural ingredients. Additionally, natural sleep aids are not habit-forming, so you don’t have to worry about becoming dependent on them.

The Best Natural Sleep Aid You Can Carry With You

The Sleep Stick is the perfect solution for those seeking a natural sleep aid. Designed to provide optimal sleep quality and formulated with all-natural ingredients, the Sleep Stick is the perfect way to sleep better, wake refreshed, and be ready to take on the day.

Our Sleep Stick is a doctor-developed proprietary formula that acts fast and effectively and comes in a pleasant, soothing spearmint flavor for a pleasant bedtime experience.

The Sleep Stick is the perfect way to ensure a good night's sleep. Each stick contains melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone in our body that helps regulate our natural sleep cycle.

Additionally, a proprietary blend of herbs and amino acids helps to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to relax and drift off to sleep. With Sleep Stick, you can enjoy a restful and restorative night's sleep and wake feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Safe-to-Use Prescription Sleep Aids with Lexapro

Prescription sleep aids are medications that a doctor prescribes to help treat insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

These medications work by altering the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, helping to promote relaxation and calmness that can lead to better sleep.

Common prescription sleep aids that can be taken with Lexapro include:


Trazodone should be taken at a dosage of 50-100 mg at bedtime.


Eszopiclone should be taken at a dosage of 1-3 mg at bedtime.


Zolpidem should be taken at a dosage of 5-10 mg at bedtime.

It is important to speak with a healthcare professional to understand the interactions between medications and any potential side effects.

The most common side effects of prescription sleep aids include drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, and confusion. It is important to monitor any side effects that occur and report them to a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Improving Sleep Quality with Lifestyle Changes and Lexapro

If you’re looking for natural sleep aids, making lifestyle changes can be a great way to improve your sleep quality.

Establishing a consistent sleep routine, creating a sleep-conducive environment, and exercising and maintaining a healthy diet can all help you get a better night’s sleep.

Keeping a regular sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime, and avoiding electronic screens at least an hour before bed can help improve your sleep quality.


Can you take a sleeping aid with Lexapro?


When doxylamine is taken with escitalopram, the two drugs can cause a variety of side effects in users, including drowsiness and confusion. Some people—especially seniors—may also experience impaired thinking, judgment, and motor coordination when taking these medications together.

What can I take to help me sleep while on antidepressants?

Sleep aids containing melatonin are a good option for people that are on antidepressants and looking for some help to get a good night’s rest.

Sleep Stick: Your Lexapro Safe Sleep Aid

Sleep Stick is safe for use with Lexapro and has been formulated with natural ingredients like melatonin and valerian root to help you get the rest you need.

But, consulting with your doctor before taking any new sleep aid is always recommended. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the best approach for treating your sleep needs and ensure that you are taking the most appropriate sleep aid for your individual needs.

If you are ready to finally smile in your sleep, try Sleep Stick. Our proprietary formula is designed to act fast and effectively, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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